Seed Bead Heroes

We all know that March is Women’s History Month — but it’s also officially “Seed Bead Month” at our Dupont Circle location!  These two celebrations are more connected than you might think.

Do you remember our “Guatemala Diaries” series?  It chronicled our buyers’ adventures in that country as they selected beautiful hand-made crafts to bring back to you.  The treasures they found included an abundance of intricate, breathtaking jewelry made from woven seed beads.

These necklaces are all for sale on our website; simply click an image to view its listing.

These incredible pieces were all made by women!

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Guatemala Diaries, Part 4: Photo Gallery!

Our intrepid buyers have returned from Guatemala, laden with crafts and jewelry for your holiday shopping needs.  Enjoy a sneak peek at this upcoming collection, and the adventures behind it — and remember to check the Beadazzled stores soon for these beautiful items!

Guatemala Diaries, Part 3: in their words!

Today’s installment of the “Guatemalan Diaries” comes straight from our buyers!  Read on to learn about their day-to-day adventures, the diverse artisans they buy from, and the rich culture of Guatemala.

Day 1: A long flight via Miami to Guatemala City. Darkness, traffic congestion, suffocating air pollution, and rain combine to create a less than welcoming introduction. The city seems as chaotic and dangerous as everyone told us it would be — but in the morning when we hit the markets everything looks brighter and the adventure begins. Continue reading