Customer of the Week: Creativity Show stars!

This past weekend, our Dupont Circle location hosted the first-ever Beadazzled Customer Creativity Show.  Now the celebration continues here!  Instead of featuring an individual customer this week, we are thanking everyone who contributed to our wonderful show.  Check out photos beyond the cut — and keep an eye out for submission deadlines for next year’s show!

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Customer of the Week: Natalia Sozontova

In 2012, Natalia Sozontova came to the United States to “try something different.”  Two years later she has undoubtedly succeeded.  Her delicate, shining jewelry reflects both her Russian childhood (as a teenager she used to weave beaded flowers for friends) and the inventive originality that led her to travel so far from home.  Her business model is classically American in its self-driven nature.  Like Beadazzled, “Russian Cuties” is a small but growing business that prizes the personal and creative.

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Customer of the Week: Danielle Woodhouse Johnson

At Beadazzled, we often tell newcomers that jewelry-making can be therapeutic.  Its tactile, hands-on nature produces a satisfyingly tangible (and beautiful) result that often soothes the creator and inspires pride.  Danielle Woodhouse Johnson knows very well the restorative power of making jewelry by hand: she first began to do it as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.  As her website explains,

It started as a therapeutic pastime; a way to relieve stress and ward off loneliness during the first 6 months of her service. Eventually, she began to teach jewelry making to the children in her village.They would use everyday rudimentary materials; seeds, wire, rubber, stones and glass to make unique jewelry creations. Some volunteer friends were inspired by her designs and wanted to order custom pieces for friends and family. After returning to the US, Danielle began to create and sell pieces.

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Customer of the Week: Joan Shapiro

Joan Shapiro has been a Beadazzled regular for about eight years now, so it is only fitting that our Customer of the Week series should start with her. Over her time with Beadazzled she has created countless jewelry pieces and enjoys every step of the process.


By the end of that process, Joan had created two beautiful necklaces. But she started off with just a single (and singular) strand.

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