What We’re Watching / What We’re Wearing: Claire Underwood, HOUSE OF CARDS

This February 27th, Netflix will roll out season three of House of Cards — but you already knew that.  You’re probably counting down the days; we certainly are!  So we have a little something to help with this final month of waiting.  Read on for a close look at the beautiful Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) in all her ruthless glory!

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What We’re Watching / What We’re Wearing: Mary Crawley, DOWNTON ABBEY

When Michelle Dockery’s Lady Mary Crawley first graced our screens in 2010, many fans of the show saw her as cold and unsympathetic.  Now, five years later, she is a fan favorite and one of the most heavily featured characters in a large ensemble cast.  This shift is due in part to the way Mary’s character has grown and changed through the acclaimed show’s five seasons.

The cultural and political upheavals of the 1920s parallel major changes in Mary’s life.  As upper class English women in general make gains in social, financial, and political independence, Mary does the same.  She marries for love; she takes a leading role in the estate of Downton — in short, she takes control of her own life.  The unhappy, repressed Mary of Season 1 has transformed into a woman who knows her worth and demands the respect she deserves.

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What We’re Watching / What We’re Wearing: Annalise Keating, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

In our first-ever installment of “What We’re Watching / What We’re Wearing,” we’re looking at the fabulously fierce Annalise Keating of Shonda Rhimes’ new hit show How To Get Away With Murder.

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating

Read on to learn about what Annalise’s jewelry means in the context of the show and of the history of beads — and how to recreate her look for yourself!

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