What’s Trending?

This week we’ve noticed a couple cool new trends in jewelry.  Check out these new ideas for some inspiration!  Just click each photo to see its source.

  • Morse Code jewelry seems to be taking off lately — a quick Google search reveals a lot of cute inspiration!

    You can get a regular, even look to your Morse Code bracelets by using our Japanese delicas for the “dots” and Czech bugles for the “dashes.”  Use chain, leather, knotted cord, or a “base color” bead for the spaces between letters and words.
  • Bracelets for men are making a comeback.

    Favored materials include lava stone, neutral gems, and wood.  For a bolder and more colorful look seen in the bottom picture, go for bright or shiny gemstones like turquoise, carnelian, and tiger eye.
  • Beaded nail art is on the rise.  Tiny beads, such as Size 11 Czech glass seed beads, seem more practical and popular.  Beads are perfect for nail art because their holes hold glue well, making them stick for a longer time.

    But if you want to go big, don’t hold back!  You can incorporate larger beads into your nail art for a bold, one-of-a-kind look.

    Just keep in mind that these dramatic styles are probably better for a special event than for a regular, everyday look.

Comment with any new bead-related trends you’ve noticed!  And as always, share the inspiration on our #BeadazzledCreations hashtag!  Happy beading!


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