Necklace Display

Whether you make your own jewelry, collect the creations of others, or do a bit of both, this is a cute and clever way to display your beautiful adornments!

If you sell your own jewelry, check out our website for tips on displaying your work to customers:

Bead Love

A little while ago I bought a small rake at an estate sale.  I don’t know what it was used for originally, but I thought it would make an excellent necklace display for my studio.  I think it turned out great!

Before I became obsessed reading about beads and jewelry, I used to love to read about organization.  I always loved organization tips that allowed a group of jewelry to also feel like decoration.  I think it’s beautiful.


I have a hard time getting good pictures in my studio because there is not a lot of natural light.  That got me thinking that maybe I need better light to create, but I realized I use specialty “natural light” task lamps.  Those are less helpful for photos.  But you get the idea.

The handle of the rake is not much longer than the bottom of this picture, so it wasn’t unwieldy…

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