Guest Blogger: Rene Block and seed bead magic!

Today we are thrilled to welcome Rene Block as a guest blogger!  Rene is an expert in seed bead weaving; she runs her own blog, Menat Designs, chronicling her inspirations and creations.  Oh, and did we mention she used to work at Beadazzled in Virginia?

In honor of both “Seed Bead Month” and Women’s History Month, this talented artist will share her knowledge, discuss her weaving process, and offer some wise advice about the art of beading.

I’m a beader who ran before I could walk; I wove both on and off-loom before I ever learned about Soft-Touch wire or how to crimp properly. Even though I barely weave at all these days, seed beads still have a place in my heart and bead stash.

I’ve been beading for as long as I can remember, but my interest really took off after I got interested in Ancient Egypt. I wanted to have magnificent collars of my own to wear, but the only way to find one was to make one.

A garnet and Delica netted collar that I wove a few years ago (photo by Cas Webber).

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Winter Gem Show Adventures, Day 3

Emma is back in Falls Church now, but she has one last gem show post for us.  Read on to see and hear about an amazing glass bead artist at the show… an artist who just might be visiting soon!

During this trip, we also went to several shows with glass artists all over the country.


We met up with Cleo Buchanan, who you may recognize from our glass bead artist trunk show last August.

Didn’t make it to the show? Well, don’t worry, we have another show planned for the spring!  (Please note that the dates currently listed are subject to change.)  You can keep up with all our latest news and events by joining our email list or by liking us on Facebook.


Winter Gem Show Adventures, Day 1

Virginia friends, have you been missing Emma Moore from our Falls Church store?  Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon — and with some beautiful new gems for you!

This week, a group of Beadazzled experts is off to a special winter gem show, and Emma is guest blogging their adventures:

First stop was the African Art Village where we found these amazing beaded chairs.


Yes, those really are beads making those beautiful patterns on the chairs.

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Victorian-era jewelry motifs

In celebration of our Baltimore location’s upcoming Victorian Trunk Show, we are happy to feature guest blogger Cas Webber today.  Cas is the manager of our Baltimore store and has researched Victorian fashion trends in preparation for her show, which runs Jan 30-Feb 15 at our Baltimore location.  Now she is sharing her knowledge with us so we can enjoy the significance of what we get at the trunk show!

Victorian-Era Jewelry Motifs: a brief history

Spanning over the last two thirds of the 19th century, Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901 and it was during this time the world witnessed great tragedies, revolutionary inventions, epic romances, and prosperity. The beautiful jewels created during the Victorian Era reflected the vast changing times and can be divided within three classic periods: The Romantic, The Grand, and The Aesthetic.

Design by Dawn Pietrusko

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